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Thank You Friends


My cup runneth over! 😄 Again, thank you and God bless our friends!!

Special Bouquet of Awards – 3 Nominations – Inner Peace Award

Glory to God! A heartfelt thank you and God bless to Ajaytao2010 for nominating the “Speak To The Lies To Renew Our Minds” post for the Special Bouquet of Awards – 3 Nominations. I am humbled and honored by your nomination because I am so new to blogging that I have no reference to draw from 😜.

Ajay’s blog is awesome! He posts some of the most beautiful photos and quotes! 😀.


Ajay, back on 28 April 2013, I was struggling with something and the first post I read that day was yours. I can remember that day fondly because that was the day God used your post to dry my tears and move me forward! As I read your words that day, my spirit was quicken and I thanked God for showing me in a mighty way that He will always love me!! My eyes have tears of joy as I write this post because this is a testimony to everybody of how God can speak to us through others that only we would know it was Him! 😜 Glory to God!!!!

Thanks again Ajay, you have a special place in my heart x 2 😜

Again, God bless you Ajay!

Always Ann Friend 😜

Honoring Soldiers in The Armed Forces


Thank You

Today marks 1 month that I’ve been blogging through WordPress and posting to Facebook 🙂 I am grateful and thankful to God, through His Son Jesus, for giving me the courage and the gift to sow words that He waters.

I stepped out on faith when I created Blog, the Facebook page Friendsofjesus2013 and Twitter @afriend4ever to share the Word of God and my faith walk with Jesus. 🙂


Thank you all for following afriendofjesus2013 and God bless you all 🙂


Always 😀


Thank You For Being A Friend

Having technical challenges today…click the link to see video…

Theme song from Golden Girls

Thank You For Being A Friend

Thanks BFF for remembering this short but great song…

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